Once your purchase is complete, each person you designate (including you) will receive a coupon code they can use to individually register for their event ticket. 


Coupon codes do not expire until the day of the event, so attendees can register at their convenience. 


Please be sure to enter all five e-mail addresses so each attendee will receive registration information!

Buy 4, Get 1 Free

  • Substitutions are accepted through Friday, 10 April 2020. 

    If you must cancel, please contact us at info@spacecoasthrconference.com to allow us to free up space for another attendee. Refunds will be made for cancellations received by Friday, 10 April 2020. After that date no refunds will be made. 

    Registrations that are not paid in full by Monday, 6 April 2020 will be cancelled unless specific payment arrangements have been made with the Registration Chair. 

    No refunds or credits will be given for no shows. 

    Looking forward to seeing you there!